About Jeff

I grew up in a family with lots of huge musical influences. My father was an avid jazz fanatic in the 60's and 70's and standards fan and we were often tutored on vacations since we were a captive audience. My brother took a music class in college and later told us that he learned most of it at home. My brother was also quite the expert of 60's R&B and 70's soul and rock.

As a young teen, I was the musician of the family. I also used to regularly visit the local record store to keep my collection current. Usually, I would end up helping customers, because of my knowledge, and sell 5-10% of the daily sales as a customer.

In my hometown of Reidsville, NC, just outside of Greensboro, we had a couple of teen clubs and the local Elk's Club had a semi-monthly teenage dance that I attended a few times. In my sophomore year of high school, we learned that the two local radio DJ’s that played our party were going off to college.

Because of my well-known music knowledge, I was asked to take on the DJ responsibilities for this popular event. Using my yard mowing money and a loan from my mother, I assumed the role as the new DJ in town. I doubled the amount of attendees after just 2 dances.

In college, I continued to play music for dorm parties, sorority/ fraternity events and at college clubs.

Simpsound continues to provide the same consistent, professional and fun entertainment – consistently serving the same corporate accounts for over 20 years, playing the same high school’s proms for over 12 years, and providing DJ and lighting services for three daughters' wedding receptions in the same family. I've provided music for approximately 1,400 wedding receptions in Raleigh, Cary and throughout North Carolina. My passion is playing music and providing entertainment for weddings and private corporate and social events.

My name is Jeff Simpson and I want to show you exactly how 30 years of DJ experience can make your event one that people rave about – as they have in the past, week after week. Contact me today at info@simpsound.com or call 919.218.7368.